UntitledThis and that of life tend to compel us to increase internal speed! Taking children to school, rushing to work, getting into several meetings, to mention a few are amongst many commitments that move us away of ourselves. Who are we without ourselves? Who am I without me? What will it profit me to embrace activism and forget serving me in me? Slow down!

We need to slow down so that the spirit may rise.

Slowing down brings us to be at home with the core of our existence. The spirit expands when I slow down. Our savior brought Himself down – became poor that we become rich. So slow down! The Lenten season is a time to deepen our love of God through prayer. His holiness Pope Francis in his Lenten message 2014 which is based on 2Cor 8:9 reflects on poverty, in this way bringing us to look closely at ourselves. Christ became poor so that by his poverty we might become rich. God’s becoming man is absolutely a great mystery. But, the reason for all this is his love (pope Francis adds); a love which is grace, generosity, desire to draw near, a love which does not hesitate to offer itself in sacrifice for beloved.

Untitled1The experience of love we immense ourselves in when we slow down undoubtedly moves us to witness in the poor in our parishes, communities and nation. In imitating Christ our Master we are called to confront poverty of our brothers and sisters; to teach it, to make it our own and to practically take a step to alleviate it and share love with others. And, of course this is possible when we slow down from our business as usual attitude and rhythm.

So may this season make us aware of our richness so that through the arms we give may we bring blessings to others. Let us be church of service in contrast to activism, justice instead of being obsessed with personal gains. So, slow down!


Diocesan Chancery
March 2014

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